LTE and 3G Sim Only Data Bundles

If you love the internet and being mobile then you must try our 3G and LTE mobile data packages. LTE and 3G is a great connectivity alternative from ITNT to bring the Internet to all its customers who do not have access to Telkom ADSL line services or are mobile business entrepeneurs who need to be connected online. LTE and 3G Mobile data services only require a mobile sim and a 3G modem or dongle to access the internet. ITNT LTE/4G and 3G customers have a choice to connect onto MTN networks almost immediately and our new monthly products offer a mobile hardcap service to help prevent excess billing. Don't forget to look at our LTE/4G and 3G Mobile Hardware options for Mobile Data Modems, Android tablets, Cell Phones with Dual sim functionality allowing you to use one sim for voice calls and another sim for data only at a much cheaper price!
*Please be aware that Data Bolt on Services do not work with Pre-paid Sim Contracts.

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Mobile Data Prices

1GB Data

Starting at

R80.00 /month

2GB Data

Starting at

R120.00 /month


4GB Data

Starting at

R180.00 /month

8GB Data

Starting at

R498.00 /month

*We can supply you with a 4G Modem (see hardware prices). All Prices include VAT. Data bundles are offered on a month to month contract.

*Please be aware that Data Bolt on Services do not work with Pre-paid Sim Contracts

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Top-Up your account

500MB Mobile Top Up


Once Off

1GB Mobile Top Up


Once Off

2GB Mobile Top Up


Once Off

4GB Mobile Top Up


Once Off

8GB Mobile Top Up


Once Off


* Delivery is generally attainable within 48 hours but might be delayed should payment clearance be required. An additional delay of up to 96 hours can be expected outside of major cities and additional delivery costs may apply. Deliveries take place on weekdays during business hours and exclude weekends and public holidays. A physical address is required for the delivery of your order; orders to Postal Addresses will not be accepted. For Rica purposes deliveries will require that proof of identity documents and information be produced and copies thereof provided during the delivery.

*We can supply you with 3G Modem hardware (see hardware prices). All Prices include VAT.

3G Hardware


ZTE MF286C LTE Router

300Mbps DL/50Mbps UL
802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz&5GHz
Up to 64 simultaneous connections

once off


Huawei E5576 LTE Mifi Router

4G LTE/UMTS/HSPA+, 150 Mbps download speed
1500mah Rechargeable lithium battery (removable)

once off


Frequently Asked Question

SIM Only Data Bundle (excluding hardware):
  • This package is for you if you already own the required hardware (USB modem, PCMCIA or HSDPA router), or if you want to purchase the hardware outright (see our hardware prices above)
  • Choose your bandwidth limit (from 250MB – 5GB) and contract term (6 months).
  • On a 6 month contract the hardware must be purchased outright, i.e you cannot rent hardware on a 6 month contract.
Data Bundle with Hardware (prices include hardware rental)
  • Choose your preferred hardware (see hardware options below) and then select your bandwidth limit and contract term.
  • If you take out a 24 month contract with hardware rental, you will own the hardware at the end of the contract period.
  • Hardware rental is not available on the 6 month contract.

If need more information regarding HSDPA before committing yourself, please send us a request and we will provide you with the advice you need.

Confused about which hardware to choose? Check our LTE Hardware page for our hardware packages.

HSDPA (High-speed Downlink Packet Access) is based on Third Generation (3G) mobile cellular technology but is an enhancement of 3G, in that it delivers faster broadband data transfer speeds. The technology enables the simultaneous transfer of voice data (phone call) and information. HSDPA offers you wireless broadband connectivity, wherever you can connect to the MTN and Vodacom cellular networks. You do not need to rely on Telkom or Neotel infrastructure - your HSDPA connection is completely mobile, enabling you to access the Internet anywhere in the country where you can get cell phone reception. HSDPA is perfect for students, travellers, mobile business people and home users who do not have a landline or access to ADSL. You can browse the Internet, access your office network, send and receive email, and you can download entertainment applications, for example games and music at superior data transfer speeds. You can also chat online with instant messaging services, such as MSN.

HSDPA offers increased data transfer speeds and capacity of up to 1.8Mbps on the downlink (downloading data to your PC) and up to 384Kbps on the uplink (uploading data from your PC) under optimal conditions. On average you will get speeds of between 400 and 800Kbps

Your HSDPA modem or PC card slots directly into your USB or PCMCIA slot on your computer or laptop. All you need is a computer, cell phone reception, a HSDPA device (USB, PC card or HSDPA router) and your choice of contract (6, 12 or 24 months).

Internet Connectivity: we offer a range of Broadband Internet connectivity solutions in addition to 3G HSDPA, including ADSL and Business ADSL (capped and uncapped ADSL) and Fibre. Whatever your connectivity requirements, ITNT can provide the right solution for you.

Email Services: ITNT also offers Email hosting and Anti-spam solutions for your home and business email accounts.>