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Cost effective hosting servers at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server solution. Cloud servers services offer scalability and growth for customers looking to access a managed hosted service offering which allows for rapid deployment, redundancy and minimal downt time.

Don't worry about hardware expenses or technical issues associated to supporting hardware in a datacentre. It is all available to you from a command interface. Linux Operating systems are included with all Virtual Cloud Hosting services. You can deploy a solution and be up and running in minutes.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

An immidiate benefit is the flexible pricing structure available to cloud hosting services. We can offer server instances for virtually every business need and application. The second benefit is the ability to scale quickly for high performance computing, server resources can be applied quickly to support scaling demand. Website speed and performance is greatly enhanced by this resource scaling feature, sites with scalable traffic can be proactively managed and supported. The third benefit is the direct access to a redundant Server Enviroment. Capital investment in redundant hardware is now eliminated and hardware and resource accesibility is greatly improved.

Need a Managed Server?

Managed Server options are available; ITNT will manage your server and ensure all the necessary backups, security patches and software updates are done so that your data is secure. Our hosting technicians remove the headaches of protecting your data by keeping your server running and up to date in a server environment.

Need a Dedicated Server option?

Sometimes you just want to know that what you see is what you get and dedicated hardware is just that. No questions, but what yours is yours and it is giving you a 100%. Dedicated Server hosting gives you the best in performance and if you need an engineer to manage it for you then we have that too. Our support engineers will monitor and maintain your server hardware to help prevent and pre-empt hardware failure wherever possible. Contact us for dedicated server options.

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Server Price Plans

Server Cloud 2

Starting at

R780.00 /month

Server Cloud 3

Starting at

R900.00 /month


Server Cloud 4

Starting at

R1290.00 /month

Server Cloud 5

Starting at

R1800.00 /month

Please Note:

Cloud Installation Terms

* Acceptable Usage Policy applies. Price Includes VAT.
* Cloud Access is supplied as a best effort service. Server management and server SLA's are available on request. Should we not be able to proceed with your application we will advise you thereof.
Additional fees may apply if additioan Ip's and firewall rules are required. ITNT will make any additional charges known to the client and the client will be required to accept or reject these charges before the order is completed.
Please note that should the service be ordered and the incorrect setup is supplied, the client will be responsible for all charges relating to the order placed to correct the configuration.
A Calendar month's notice is required for cancelation. Written Cancellations must be submitted via the support email channel.

Why Choose Us


No Long Term Commitments

Our server hosting packages are all month to month – you don’t have to commit to a 12 or 24 month contract.


Technical Support

We offer an all in one hosting solution with online and telephonic support.


High Speed

We offer the best high speed internet bandwidth to your websites through our web hosting solutions.


Active Monitoring

All servers, associated maintenance services, and primary links have active monitoring with immediate alerts if failures occur.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee rapid response times, should failures occur, to minimise your downtime. We have dedicated failover systems to ensure that power and connectivity is maintained to the servers at all times.



We have a dedicated link to Internet Solutions (IS) allowing us to offer the existing redundancy available via the IS backbone, thus reducing the potential impact of downtime.



All servers are protected by a managed firewall.


Server Security

Our ITNT server room is securely housed with 24/7 security and managed access control into the server room.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, We Do.

Enjoy great support from our Hosting Team. They are always eager to help you through any situation that does not make sense. Try us out and speak with in house support agents at any time. We try to achieve a resolution on the first call to ensure the issue is resolved whilst talking to the customer. This includes live chat, remote setup or an email ticket. However, complex issues do need the appropriate time required to find a resolution to a problem as we don't believe in band aids or a quick fix!

All servers are securely hosted with redundant power, internet failover and physical with bio security access. Our staff are available 24/7 to assist you should you need it for assisted access or an emergency event.

Our servers are hosted locally in South Africa allowing for the fastest connection to your local applications or website as well international access available to customers abroad. Whatever your connectivity requirements, ITNT can provide the right solution for you.

ITNT Hosting provides managed monitoring services for clients with dedicated servers in Johannesburg. These services check the up/down status of servers and running applications. The service allows us to begin rectifying problems immediately, and allows us to proactively notify clients via SMS, telephone or e-mail.

The Standard Monitoring service is a sophisticated solution delivering a powerful set of new features. The service helps customers to know whether their hosted servers are up and running, and whether the applications on those servers are responding appropriately. The system is an automated, 24 x 7 system that is integrated into the IS Control Centre. This allows us to fast track and qualify a downed service and respond accordingly with controlled procedures.

If you are not sure which Cloud Hosting plan is the right one for you, contact us and we will assist you.

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