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The future of work was already heading toward flexible schedules with telecommuting options. The pandemic has only sped up that trend, as thousands of companies have made the shift to some sort of remote workforce. Remote work has perks for both employers and employees. ITNT can help the transition be successful by ensuring a smooth transition, excellent remote management plans and a well-devised remote work policy. COVID-19 has enforced the idea of working from home, which has suddenly become a more long-term or permanent switch to working from a remote environment. To help ensure remote work is a success across your organization, follow these best practices for remote work:

  • Improve connectivity alround.
  • Use video tools to stay connected.
  • Go paperless.
  • Invest in internet security.
  • Invest in collaboration tools.

How to transition to remote work

For companies that are new to remote work, laying down a foundation for a smooth transition is the key to a productive remote work team. Here are some steps you may want to follow:
  • Have a remote work policy. Draft a remote work policy that clearly communicates what your expectations are for your employees.
  • Maximize technology. Technologies such as video conferencing and instant messaging make remote work a more personable and collaborative experience.
  • Hold virtual "hype" meetings. Get your team excited about your company and its goals through some team bonding by holding a weekly or monthly hype meeting. During these meetings, encourage employees to talk about some of their accomplishments, and be sure to give out praise where it is due. Use this time to get employees excited about new projects and clients.
  • Encourage engagement. Let your employees know you want to hear their feedback about remote work. Be sure they know you want to hear both positives and negatives. Getting that feedback will help you refine your remote work policies. Also make sure you are available to answer any questions employees have about the remote work policies.

This support role is supplied by a dedicated team that is knowledgeable about current IT challenges and user environments. ITNT will identify issues and solve them whilst you focus on your work deadlines. IT Support is the simplest answer for users and businesses that need an affordable solution for technical support.

  • If you need urgent assistance then try our fast and reliable remote desktop support services.
  • Desktop Support is managed as an Hourly Service per session request, we do offer billing in 15 to 30 minute increments.
  • If support requirements are more complex then onsite support may be required to help resolve the problem more effectively.
  • On-site support hourly rate is R460 incl.Vat. Travel fees will be calculated separately based on your destination.

We support Employees Working, Anywhere, Anytime

As more and more workforce positions become remote work from home stations, our support team has positioned itself to be compatible with remote work conditions. Understanding that remote teams and the virtual office have become the norm, we focus on supporting multiple generations in the workforce in remote work conditions.
If your teams security is a major concern the be aware of massive increases in phishing, website and maleware attacks targeting remote access users, each with their rising security expectations which require support teams to mitigate risks with early intervention and continous vulnerability management. Dont leave it too late. Contact us and let us direct you to maintain a secure and efficient work station with Network Support & Security.

Our Desktop Support Rocks

IT Knowledge – With more than 20 years experience in network connectivity, operating systems, desktop hardware and software applications; we know our way around so speak to a happy desktop support technician who can guide you to a speedy resolution.
Problem solving – Our support team focus on resolving problems while maximizing efficient use of computing resources. We focus on long term solutions and not a quick fix.
Teamwork – We provide desktop support technicians in a multidisciplined team-oriented environment for creative approaches to complex problems.
Service Level Agreements - We offer bespoke Service Level Agreements for a managed IT network environment. Enjoy complete peace of mind with a highly skilled team who are results driven and understand the need for rapid response and lower business downtime.

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IT Desktop Support


  • Support Desktops and Laptops
  • Support Tablets and Smartphones
  • Support Time
  • Requires Internet Access
  • Support Connection Link

Remote Support 1


per 15 Mins

Remote Support 2


per 30 Mins

Remote Support 3


per Hour

  • On-site Hourly rate R460 incl.VAT.
  • Remote support Rate is R300 incl.VAT, with 15 min increments for billing ie R75/15mins
  • Remote support is available daily 8am till 5pm. After hours support is available on request.
  • VPN Access – A higher level of point to point access support solutions are available to improve security requirements for clients when required.
  • On Site support available and subject to turn around times linked to Service Level Agreements.
  • System and Site monitoring available to manage and increase client infrastructure up-time requirements.

Why choose ITNT Remote Desktop Support?

  • Flexibility
  • Fixed hourly rate
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable desktop support technician team who are always available to assist
  • 20 years of experience in the digital world

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