Why Switch to FlashStart?Internet Filtering Benefits

You can automatically remove harmful internet threats in just a few minutes using FlashStart Internet Filtering. It's easy to implement, requires no new equipment and already protects families in more than 110 countries. Essential protection against viruses, ransomware, worms and spyware. Fine-tuned to save resources for your gaming, watching videos, photos or presentations at any moment. No interruptions, pure enjoyment.

FlashStart is a simple web filter ideal to integrate as part of a Network Security service; it is a web filter that runs on geographically diverse server farms using Anycast network technology, to provide a high service availability and low latency.

  • Block Malware automatically stop all kinds of infection from web sites
  • Control Childrens internet Access prevent access to adult materials and cut-off times for content such as games or social media
  • Resist criminal attempts to steal passwords or other information
  • Defend web attacks to encrypt your personal data / photos and demand a ransom
  • Protect sensitive customer data from theft
  • Stop people using your WiFi to access illegal web sites

ITNT consultants will be pleased to help you create a safer internet in your home or office at a very affordable price.

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Internet Security Packages


  • Number of User Licenses
  • Licence Type
  • Annual Subscription
  • Upgradable


R79 per month

Monthly Network License

  • 1
  • Home Network License
  • R789


R19 per user

Monthly User License

  • 5 or more
  • Per User License
  • R195 per license

Why Choose FlashStart Internet Security


Ultra fast

FlashStart is easy to deploy and use. Simple setup for implementing Internet Filtering Policies.


Wifi Security

FlashStart security is perfectly integrated into HotSpot Wifi and is proven to be highly efficient and easy to use!


Cloud Services

FlashStart requires no new hardware or software.


Web filtering for SCHOOLS

WIFI HOTSPOT content filtering for Schools, Home and Office.


Uses almost negligible system resources

Your system remains fast and efficient. The best solution for hybrid home and office working, the “new normal”.


Highly cost effective

Best in Industry Pricing, contact us for leading prices.


Used by industry leading companies

Protect financial & personal information from phishing and malware. Apply CORPORATE web filtering and cyber security.