IT Audits – Gap Analysis

In an age where practically every area of a business has a technological component that affects day-to-day operations and helps them stay compliant with regulatory IT rules, it's critical that SMEs set aside money for IT audits.
An IT audit is a comprehensive assessment of a company's IT environment that includes the gathering, examination, and evaluation of IT infrastructure, as well as policies and procedures. Audit reports include vital information about all IT infrastructure components, including end devices, software, hardware, cloud solutions, the company's IT staff, and current rules and procedures.
This enables us to develop a Gap Analysis breakdown in order to mitigate any risk to your company's IT demands. We provide IT services and solutions, risk management, and direction to your teams whether they are in-office, remote, or in a hybrid work environment.

Providing high availability of your IT network with efficient and reliable operations. Our Support Services provide a rapid response to system critical events as well as provide proactive resolutions to issues to allow your staff to perform at their best and deliver value to your customers.

Being in the industry for more than 20 years gives us a great platform to review and supply the best network designs available for your current and future needs.

Call us to arrange an onsite meeting. We will consult with you on the best IT solution applicable.

We are here to help your business?

Try our Network Support SLA services: this important support role is provided by a dedicated team that are knowledgeable about current IT issues and user environments.
We help diagnose and resolve network and connectivity problems and help customers with product planning and security updates.

  • Security, Network and Server support is available as a comprehensive solution.
  • We tailor our support to help fit your business objectives
  • We strive to deliver a consistent end-user experience.
  • Improved productivity with the high availability and high performance of all assets.
  • IT Support is managed as an SLA Service and is customized per customer.
  • A quotation can be supplied after an onsite audit is completed to understand your current IT network and future requirements.

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Weekly and monthly over-view reports emailed automatically for review.

Reduced Risk

Avert downtime, secure your operational capability, protect your reputation and ensure compliance with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Network Security

Employ proactive and predictive security practices
in line with compliance, governance and risk
standards to protect your assets, people and reputation.