Firewall features with Analysis and ReportsFirewall Services

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
Prevent network intrusions by scanning all traffic passing through the firewall for known attacks and anomalies.

IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
Systems detect an intrusion, log the attack and block access from attacking network or system. IDS systems do not slow networks down like IPS as they are not inline. It continuously analyzes log files and blocks IPs that show malicious behaviour such as incorrect passwords, searches for vulnerabilities, network scans.

Email filter and scan
Filters all emails with dangerous content using a powerful antispam / antivirus: Phishing, Malware, Trojan. Very high percentages of recognition and blocking of malicious attachments.

User Management
Define the user policies related to the different servers and services, web filtering, VPN and bandwidth policies.

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Protect your network

Easy to use & fully managed

Powerful web interface that simplifies common admin tasks. Easy and quick installation with a lot of pre-configured modules installable with a ‘single click’.

Connect remote locations & host securely

Through OpenVPN and IPsec VPNs you can encrypt any PC/smartphone or firewall other than NethSecurity

Filter web browsing & protect from malware

The powerful Cloud Content Filter by Yomi activates effective protection against harmful content, malicious applications and malware. Blacklists updated in real time and filters by geographical area.

Create firewall rules in a few clicks

It has never been easier to create complex policies that block/allow traffic to/from the firewall. Editing and searching for created rules is just as intuitive and fast.

Recognize and block applications

Identify application traffic such as mail, social networks, video conferencing apps, streaming, voip. Use Deep Packet Inspection and recognize compromised PCs, block and manage internet access priorities.

All the UTM Features

IPS, IDS, Email filter and scan, User Management. All to support IT policies for network security and management.

Frequently Asked Question

Firewalls function as the first line of defence for many business networks. This piece of network equipment is a perimeter defence that determines whether packets can move into or out of the network. While the basic concept of a firewall is simple, the way that it performs this function and the features it offers continue to evolve based on current threats.

  • This is important because your information needs to be protected. Firewalls come in two major categories: hardware and software. The physical firewalls are network appliances that connect to the rest of the IT infrastructure so it’s able to monitor packets. There are several methods they can use to secure the network and assist with thwarting potential intruders.
  • A cloud-based firewall leverages cloud computing technology for the virtual appliance. Some advantages of a cloud firewall include the ability to scale quickly, high availability, and cost-efficiency.
  • For organizations with limited IT budgets, using a cloud-based service can give them access to powerful features that they wouldn’t have access to without paying a substantial upfront hardware fee.

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