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Take full advantage of your domain and utilise ITNT's custom email hosting solution. Using your existing domain, purchase an email plan to use personalised email services. Email Hosting provides the benefits of using your own domain address without a website; optional plans provide an upgrade path to include a website at a later stage. During the sign up process you can register for a new domain or use an existing one to give you quick access to a mail solution. A free domain option is available for new customer sign-ups.

The system is designed to allow you to create multiple email addresses, utilising your hosting storage space to securely manage and store your personal or businesses email communication. Email access is made easy with direct access to a webmail portal.

The solution is scalable, when ready upgrade your mail service to one of our awesome Pro hosting products and get your website up and running. Speak to our professional designer if you need website design and development support.

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Professional and Business Email

We offer professional mail services whereby both incoming and outgoing email services are setup to function using seperate dedicated mail servers. Built specifically for buisness professionals who travel or simply require a reliable and dependable email service to function seamlessly locally or in foreign countries whilst travelling abroad. ITNT SMTP Auth services support multiple devices for personal and business use.

Enterprise email with mail continuity

Consider purchasing our Business Email services if you need integrated services with larger storage. The business enterprise mail services collaborate and come with additional security and mail continiuity services and Webmail Platform.

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Email Pricing Plans

Bronze Mail

Starting at

R33.00 /month


Silver Mail

Starting at

R43.00 /month

Gold Mail

Starting at

R53.00 /month

*Please Note:
1. The FREE domain registration is only applicable if you take a domain with this hosting package and excludes Premium domain name options. Subject to a 12 month subscription.
2. Subject to reasonable and responsible usage, as determined at ITNT's discretion. Please see our AUP for more details.

Why Choose Us


No Long Term Commitments

Our server hosting packages are all month to month – you don’t have to commit to a 12 or 24 month contract.


Technical Support

We offer an all in one hosting solution with online and telephonic support.


High Speed

We offer the best high speed internet bandwidth to your websites through our web hosting solutions.


Active Monitoring

All servers, associated maintenance services, and primary links have active monitoring with immediate alerts if failures occur.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee rapid response times, should failures occur, to minimise your downtime. We have dedicated failover systems to ensure that power and connectivity is maintained to the servers at all times.



We have a dedicated link to Internet Solutions (IS) allowing us to offer the existing redundancy available via the IS backbone, thus reducing the potential impact of downtime.



All servers are protected by a managed firewall.


Server Security

Our ITNT server room is securely housed with 24/7 security and managed access control into the server room.

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