Should I switch to VoIP?

Call your business and hear first what your customers are hearing? We understand the importance of a customers experience and this is one of the most important steps to ensure a positive outcome. For those who dont know what VoIP is? Voice over internet protocal (VoIP) is a system which converst standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the internet by using your existing internet connection. This system supports incoming and outgoing calls. It is quick to deploy and easy to manage with the added support from our team. Supporting todays challenges; get up and go is a breeze allowing you and your staff to work in the office, changing up the office or work from home.

Why choose ITNT Voice?

  • Configuration and installation is a breeze!
  • Switching your workplace around? No Problem.
  • Need to work from Home; employees’ extensions can follow them wherever they go.

Benefits of switching to VoIP

ITNT Voice is a single solution, adaptable to different business needs with the functionality of the traditional PBX with the most innovative features of advanced telephone systems to help provide high quality voice calls. This voice service uses your existing interenet network and cuts out unnecessary landline costs.

Why choose ITNT Voice?

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Hassle-free installation with no extra cabling or special hardware requirements.
  • Extended features such as Video, Call Recording, Voicemail, etc.
  • Portable and Always on, subject to available data.
  • Flexible plug and play technology.
  • Call types include Cellular, National, Global and Local.
  • Call rates on ITNT Voice are significantly lower than those of the GSM networks.
  • Crystal clear call quality subject to link quality and latency.

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